Property Management in all reality has very little to do with managing property. Yes, as a manager I am responsible for the well being of the home but, as I’ve found so far, houses don’t do much outside of collect dust and stay in the same place. The complex part, as with most things, is the people. Don’t take this the wrong way either, Vernon Property Management has amazing tenants and owners who are second to none, but when you have 200 units and 50 or so owners, there are a lot of different expectations to handle as well as services to provide.

When managing tenants, I find that the key to a quality landlord tenant relationship is communication. When communication is clear, the expectations for the relationship are defined from the outset and allows for an understanding of what is going to be expected from management. This communicationgoes two ways though, we as professional managers do need open communication from our tenants as well so that we can best treat, or work with any issues and make sure that the tenants are well taken care of. Essentially, when things change, management needs to know. We are here to make life easier, and trust me when I say that we have seen just about everything.


When working with owners, expectation management is not only key, it is essential. Owners have goals, needs, various operating expenses and a variety of things that they will and will not do. To make this relationship work it requires a thorough understanding of what that specific owner needs to be successful. If we as a company can provide the services that they require we will take them on as a client, if not, we will refer them to someone who can help them with their specific needs. We are here to make sure each asset is managed in a way that reflects positively upon both the owner and management.

Simply, like any quality relationship, to make sure that everything is harmonious, everyone involved needs to understand what is expected. When all parties understand what is expected and how everything will be handled, the management becomes much easier. Tenants know how properties should be kept, when rents are due, and that they are safe from retaliation when they report that things are not working. Owners know what we handle, when disbursements will be paid, and that their properties are being taken care of, because at Vernon Property Management, we understand that this is a relational business and we make sure that integrity, honesty and professionalism are at the foundation.