Text Property Management is on the white paper with coffee, calculator and ball pen aside.

“Why pay someone else to do something I can do myself?” This kind of thinking is smart. It keeps more money in your pocket. But when it comes to property management, it might actually save you money to hire a professional. Here’s why:

Well-screened tenants. Vernon Property Management conducts thorough background checks and weeds out tenants with bad credit or a criminal history. This helps keep your rental and the  neighborhood safe and drama-free, and payments coming in promptly.

More reliable rent collection. We use an online system to collect rent from your tenants. No more “check’s in the mail.” Tenants pay conveniently online in real-time, and late fees are added automatically when a deadline is missed.

Better visibility for you and your renters.  Thanks to our online account management system, tenants can log into their account and see if their rent is paid or when it’s due. As an owner, you also have your own secure portal, so you can see exactly what money is coming in and what repairs are scheduled.

Quicker, cheaper repairs and turns. We’ve been in the business for 26 years. During that time, we’ve negotiated special pricing with a select team of plumbers, electricians, and maintenance professionals who do good work and make our clients their priority.

Fewer headaches.  When there’s an issue at 1:00am, your tenants will contact us, not you. Enough said.


Vernon Property Management has been in the Property Management business since 1991, and
we are property owners as well. We have excellent references and would be happy
to share them with you. Call us today at 541-322-0183
We look forward to working with you.