As a property manager I am in the unique position to positively affect change on my tenants. At the Rustic Ranch Mobile Home Park, I’m trying to do just that.

Rustic Ranch isn’t all that different from other mobile home parks, it has a few units, some lovely green fields and a wonderful group of people that live there. Unfortunately, the sense of community is lacking. People rarely come outside of their homes, you don’t see people talking with one another and interacting much, and with an older population, that can be concerning.

So, I came up with an idea to get some people out of their homes. Go to the local farm supply store, get a flock of ten chickens and start a community chicken coop. My thought process was simple. Out of the 30 units at the park, hopefully there will be a handful people who develop an attachment to the new birds, they will get involved with the care, the feeding, watering, and this will give those tenants something to look forward to, and something to care about. Plus, if you’ve ever had home raised eggs, you’d know that the eggs by themselves make having the coop 100% worth it.

Currently, the chicks are a few weeks past being hatchlings but there is a buzz already starting among the tenants. People are getting excited about having them around, they want to see them grow and they really are excited about having fresh eggs, for free, out at the park. Hopefully my little plan pays off and those little chickens make a few peoples lives that much better, which in the end, is really is what this is all about.