Owner Services

Taking the Stress Out of Ownership

Vernon Property Management, LLC realizes the importance of finding good and reliable tenants for your property.
Here at Vernon Property Management, we strive for as little down time as possible. That’s why we start marketing your property the moment we get a move out notice. Time is money.
We also know that whether we manage your property or you decide to manage it yourself,
once you have tenants, you don’t always have the time to properly inspect the home.
We offer rental inspection services for the owner that manages their own property, and we do regular inspections of your home if we are managing it.
We understand how difficult and time consuming the application and screening process can be for a rental owner. That is why we offer distinct management services to address the needs of different types of owners. We own rental properties and we understand how you want your investment to be treated.

Complete Management Services:
We will do all that is necessary to secure quality tenants for your rental property. We manage the property and relieve you of all of the burdens of a rental home. We use state of the art software that allows you to access your account online. Our tenant portal allows tenants to make payments online and schedule maintenance online. And, we can electronically deposit owner payments directly to their chosen account.

Screening and Move-In Service:
If you are comfortable with managing your own property, but don’t want to go through the hassle of answering calls, showing the home, and the potential liability risks involved, please call us. We can find a tenant for you, do all of the paperwork and move in, and you can take over. One time fee.

Snowbird Service:
Do you regularly leave town for extended periods of time? Go to our Snowbird service page for more info on what we can offer you to ease your mind in your absence.

Inspection Service:
Are you an out of town owner that needs to have an inspection done on your rental property? We realize how hard it is to maintain a rental when you don’t live near it. Sometimes you don’t have the time to drive to the property to do those much needed inspections. Give us a call and we can discuss our service.